New Year 2010

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The fullness of time

In Trust president Christa R. Klein views board service in real time and proposes what a board member must know to serve wisely.
Issue: New Year 2010
Topic(s): Board chairs , Board recruitment & orientation , Governance wise practices
Department: Wing on wing
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Spirit matters
Hope finding fruition

Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe rejoices in small, incremental changes.
Issue: New Year 2010
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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Recipient beware: Sometimes it makes sense to say "no" to a gift

In the wild world of fundraising, people will try to donate almost anything. A gift acceptance policy can help development officers decline helicopter parts and shoelace factories.
Issue: New Year 2010
Topic(s): Fundraising
Department: Focus on governance
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A new board isn't enough
At Oral Roberts University, new structures empower the faculty for a role in shared governance

Under the authority of a new board, ORU's faculty adopted a new design for governance.
Issue: New Year 2010
Topic(s): Faculty & academic deans , Shared governance
Department: Special report
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