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A new “Millennial Impact Report” from fundraising consultants
Achieve and JGA reveals the attitudes of “millennials” (Americans aged 20 through 35) about giving to nonprofit organizations. The research team surveyed 6,522 millennials online and conducted focus groups in three cities. They also surveyed nonprofit professionals to understand the strategies that were being employed to reach young donors and volunteers.

Among the report’s findings:
  • 77 percent of millennials own smartphones (and 70 percent of non-owners plan to get a smartphone soon). 
  • 65 percent prefer to learn about a nonprofits through websites (and 17 percent prefer to learn through face-to-face interaction). 
  • 41 percent plan to volunteer more in 2012 (but 58 percent prefer a short-term volunteer commitment). 
  • 77 percent of millennials are interested in volunteer leadership (and 20 percent are already on a board).

The report’s executive summary is can be read and downloaded here. It includes further information about connecting with millennials and involving them in volunteer activities, as well as getting more of this age group to donate. There is also an explanation of the survey’s methodology.

For theological schools, the report is fodder for planning and conversation. Young people are eager for volunteer involvement and technology is a natural part of their lives. They even want to serve on boards! In Trust is eager to learn how theological schools in the United States and Canada are involving young people in volunteering and financial support. Do you have examples or ideas or best practices? Share them in the comments below.

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