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 Do you garden? This summer I planted our family’s first vegetable patch. It’s only been growing five or six weeks, but I’ve already begun harvesting a host of metaphors. For example, I am learning that no matter how much I plan ahead, I am going to still have to deal with weeds, bugs, and weather. I can become more efficient and more effective at how I manage this ongoing struggle against nature, but the struggle never ends.

Boards are kind of like that too. Managing a board can be an ongoing struggle against human nature, and even on the best cultivated boards someone at some time is going get a bee in their bonnet and undermine the board’s efforts.

Back in 2009, Rebekah Burch Basinger tackled some of these in a great article titled “Anchoring loose cannons and other strategies for peaceful governance.” How do you address a colleague who is telling tales out of school? What about board members who overstep their authority?

Just like gardening, the best lessons for managing a board never grow old. You can read Rebekah’s entire article here.

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Closing the Trust Gap


The current and very troubling condition of trust is a clarion call to action. But despite the dismal data showing pervasive organizational distrust, every organization can assess their current level of trust, learn and adopt a proven trust building framework, and then develop a meaningful and long-lasting plan of action. This webinar details the knowledge and practical next steps to strengthen workplace culture as a result of closing the trust gap.

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An In Trust Center Resource Grant offers member schools a chance to explore innovation at their institutions through a matching grant opportunity of up to $15,000. Listen to this 30-minute information session, including Q&A, as we provide details on eligibility requirements, funding priorities, application process. Previous grantees are eligible to apply as long as they are not within our current funding cycle.

Conflict + Crisis: Navigating the Shoals, Part 2 – A Deeper Dive


Presenter Donna Alexander, President & CEO of Advoxum Global Strategies, offers best practices for navigating conflict and crisis. She examines the crucial elements of defining conflict and crisis, identifying, and prioritizing affected stakeholders, utilizing effective communication strategies, and ultimately, executing a plan of action. Click here to view.

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