The In Trust Center provides learning communities through our webinars and facilitated conversations. These spaces are opportunities for members and affiliates to learn and discuss various issues in theological education. Our webinars are typically expert-led informational sessions during which presenters in an outside the field of theological education share information and answer questions from viewers. Facilitated conversations are led by In Trust Center staff and allow members to connect virtually to discuss trending topics and share resources and best practices.

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Money & Mission

Fear and faithfulness in fundraising- How to navigate uncharted waters during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How and when to communicate with donors during the pandemic are tough questions to answer. Join Brad Layland and Ted Rodgers of The FOCUS Group to learn how to gracefully continue fundraising during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Restarting Active Fundraising During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brad Layland, CEO of The FOCUS Group, and Ted Rodgers, Executive Consultant of The FOCUS Group, will offer guidance and practical steps for you to take to restart active fundraising during the “middle.”

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Financial Awareness: Some Considerations for Every Board Member

Dr. Bryon Klaus, faculty coach for the In Trust Center Wise Stewards Initiative provides information on what board members needs to know about theological school finances. This presentation was offered as part of the Governance Between the Times seminar of the Wise Stewards Initiative. 

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What Then Shall We Do? Financial Challenges in a Time of Institutional and Educational Change

Learn about the most significant contributing factors that lead to financial stress in theological schools.


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Building Your Brand

Communicate your school’s story to boost engagement and retention on your campus.


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A Culture of Generosity

As advancement strategists, we are called to eliminate a one-size-fits-all fundraising model, but that may require radical changes in how we understand philanthropy and transformative gifts. 


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Transformational Philanthropy: Are You Exploring the Intersection of Faith and Giving?

Join us for a conversation about creating a culture of generosity in your institution.


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Do You Understand Theological School Finances?

Join Anthony Ruger as he focuses on the concept of economic equilibrium and why this concept should be important to you.


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Inviting Participation: Understanding Your Role in Fundraising

Join this panel discussion which addresses  stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities in fundraising.


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