Fred W. Beazley Portsmouth Campus of Tidewater Community College in Virginia

Skyrocketing student debt has been in the news lately. Here's yet another story about it, but with a twist:

"Starting next fall, students who want the college to certify their eligibility for student loans must complete personal budget worksheets, outlining a 'realistic picture of their financial situation' both before and after graduation, and a student loan repayment plan estimating how their monthly payments fit into those budgets."

That's what Inside Higher Ed is reporting about Tidewater Community College in Virginia. You can read the full story here.

In Trust has covered this topic in the past -- see here, here, herehere, and here. And the Auburn Center has a terrific resource for students to want to avoid getting themselves trapped into a lifetime of crippling loan repayments.

But I must say, I like what Tidewater Community College is doing. By making financial planning a firm requirement, they're helping students face the brutal facts about their own finances. I'm hoping that some theological schools will follow the good example of this community college. 


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