Over the past academic year, it has been my honor to advise and co-lead a joint project with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) on governance which has engaged the leadership teams (president, board members, deans and/or faculty members) of 21 schools. Each school has focused on a unique issue or challenge related to governance at their institution.


During the final meeting, as the initiative drew to a close, participants offered reports based on their findings. From these reports it became clear that this was only a single stop on a long governance path. The work of governance never ends.

Some of the themes that emerged: 

  • The importance of being mission-focused
  • The critical nature of good communication
  • The strength of trusting relationships
  • The importance of clarity of roles and responsibilities

Eliza Smith Brown, director of communications and external relations at ATS, sums up the lessons learned in a catchy top-ten list. “Personal relationships and trust are critical to success,” she says. And “don’t wait for a crisis to improve governance processes.”

Which lessons do you need to tend to now as you consider where you are on your governance journey?

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