In her recent article in the Nonprofit Quarterly, “Don’t you love me anymore? The critical care of past board members,” author Simone Joyaux writes a funny account of a committed board member who departs the board and suddenly feels abandoned.

Joyaux wonders: How can we ensure that beloved board members, who have given so much, including time, passion, and money -- still feel engaged with the institution after their official term of service is complete?

She offers 12 suggestions to help former board members keep feeling the love. Among her tips, three stand out:

  • Invite former board members to host cultivation gatherings in their homes to introduce your organization to those who might be interested.
  • Send out an annual update letter to all former board members. (It's great to send other communications written specifically for them as well.)
  • To thank former board members for donations, ask current board members to telephone them personally. 

Read the full list here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you connect with your former board members?