A chapel at Luther Seminary
A few months ago, our friends at Luther Seminary in St. Paul sent some photos of the campus, just for us to use in In Trust Blog.

My favorite is the picture of the Chapel of the Incarnation (above), one of three chapels on campus. When I was there several years ago, a student organist was practicing during my visit, making the peaceful interior even more conducive to meditation.

Bockman Hall



Luther is an amalgam of predecessor institutions of various ethnic traditions, including schools that prepared clergy for Norwegian and Swedish Lutheran churches. One of the earlier names was Luther Theological Seminary, as can be barely seen above the portico of Bockman Hall in this photo.

David Tiede was a longtime president of the seminary, and this portrait of him (below) is one of my favorite portraits of anyone. It appeared in the Summer 2005 issue of In Trust, along with an article about him.

David Tiede in 1987

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