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Mission fulfillment with economic vitality

In Trust Center president Amy Kardash reflects on the balance theology school leaders must strike between finances and fundraising on the one hand, and attention to the educational mission on the other.
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): About the In Trust Center , Financial health (institutional) , Fundraising
Department: From the president
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Do you have an investment policy statement?

A comprehensive investment policy is essential. Here's how to create one.
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional) , Policies
Department: Tool box
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Questions for thoughtful Christian fundraisers to ponder

A review of Keeping Faith in Fundraising by Peter Harris and Rod Wilson.
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): Fundraising
Department: Books
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Six tensions in curriculum revision

The curriculum revision process brings to the surface competing priorities. These should be balanced and explored with patience, despite the anxiety of uncertainty.
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): Academic programs , Accreditation , Denominational & church relationships , Faculty & academic deans
Department: Perspective
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Money matters

Four (gutsy) services your CFO should provide
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional) , Governance wise practices
Department: Viewpoint
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Who saves?

Seminaries and denominations sometimes have a fraught relationship, but they ought to learn to appreciate one another.
Issue: Summer 2017
Topic(s): Denominational & church relationships , Spiritual life
Department: Life in the spirit
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