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Enrollment, the linchpin of a theological school

Whether your enrollment is slumping or surging, you must think strategically about it, says In Trust interim president G. Douglass Lewis. And thinking strategically requires both knowing the facts and understanding how you can change.
Issue: Spring 2013
Department: From the president
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Time for prayer

What are your school’s prayer rhythms, asks contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe. How do you keep your most cherished spiritual practices from falling away?
Issue: Spring 2013
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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Don't just throw them in the pool
Ministry internships help smooth the transition from seminary to ministry

A review of Preparing the Pastors We Need: Reclaiming the Congregation’s Role in Training Clergy by George Mason. Plus: An interview with the author.
Issue: Spring 2013
Department: Books
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Attitude adjustment

In the 19th century, North Americans built theological schools to provide leadership for congregations that did not yet exist, says the president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Someplace along the way we lost the vision, but we can get it back.
Issue: Spring 2013
Department: Viewpoint
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Excessive regulation vs. self-regulation
Accountability commission issues report on religious nonprofits

Accountability commission issues report, requested by Sen. Charles Grassley, on religious nonprofits.
Issue: Spring 2013
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional)
Department: Update
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