New Year 2019

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Managing the fire hose

In Trust Center president Amy L. Kardash reflects on mitigating information overload.
Issue: New Year 2019
Topic(s): About the In Trust Center , Board chairs , Communications / branding , Governance wise practices , News and Trends
Department: From the president
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From hurt to healing

Reflections from one interim president's experience of being tasked with closing a seminary campus and moving operations to another location.
Issue: New Year 2019
Topic(s): Mergers / alliances / partnerships , Presidential leadership , Presidential search & transitions
Department: Viewpoint
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Shining a light on the executive search process

Executive recruiter Price Harding believes the right process mitigates the risk of surprises surfacing after a match is made.
Issue: New Year 2019
Topic(s): Governance wise practices , Presidential search & transitions
Department: Insight
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How boards can avoid information overload

The dean emeritus of Saint John's University School of Theology and Seminary shares a technique for organizing information for the board.
Issue: New Year 2019
Topic(s): Dashboards , Governance wise practices , Organizational culture
Department: Tool box
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Change agent

A historian of theological education reflects on Robert Lynn's legacy.
Issue: New Year 2019
Topic(s): News and Trends
Department: After Words
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