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Mission (statement) possible

You know your mission. You live your mission. But can you recite your mission statement?
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): About the In Trust Center , Communications / branding
Department: From the president
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New Vatican document describes "spiritual apprenticeship" for Roman Catholic seminarians

The National Association of Catholic Theological Schools recently hosted a meeting of seminary leaders to discuss new Vatican guidelines.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Denominational & church relationships , Formation , News and Trends , Transition into ministry
Department: News in focus
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In the rearview mirror

The former presidents of the Lutheran seminaries at Philadelphia and Gettysburg reflect on the process of consolidating their schools.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Mergers / alliances / partnerships , Presidential leadership
Department: Viewpoint
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Consider, consult, and petition

Get merger discussions started by reviewing a document required by the Association of Theological Schools.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Accreditation , Mergers / alliances / partnerships
Department: Tool box
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On the same page

Seminary and state collaborate on a resource for addressing domestic violence.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Denominational & church relationships , Diversity, equality, inclusion , Spiritual life
Department: Together for good
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A wealth of data for wise decision making

Since 1997, the Association of Religion Data Archives has been gathering statistics and research from around the world.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Fundraising , Mergers / alliances / partnerships , Strategic planning , Technology
Department: From data to decision
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In praise of staff

Theological school staff should be recognized as integral contributors to the mission of their institution.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Administration , Facilities & campuses , Organizational culture , Presidential leadership
Department: Perspective
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A school for the Lord's service

The president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary offers a Benedictine model of seminary life that supports the formation of character, wisdom, and faith.
Issue: New Year 2018
Topic(s): Formation , Spiritual life , Transition into ministry
Department: Life in the spirit
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