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Changes, challenges, and creating your future

The new president of In Trust Center, Amy Kardash, writes that a time of change can provide an opportunity to embrace new approaches to fulfilling your school's mission.
Issue: New Year 2017
Topic(s): About the In Trust Center
Department: From the president
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Flexible formation for a changing church

An overhaul in the formation process doesn't bypass seminaries, but does provide more options on the pathway toward ordination.
Issue: New Year 2017
Topic(s): Denominational & church relationships
Department: Viewpoint
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To some have been given the gift of administration

A review of The Gift of Administration: New Testament Foundations for the Vocation of Administrative Service, by Donald Senior.
Issue: New Year 2017
Topic(s): Administration
Department: Books
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Who are the teachers?

Perhaps seminary students haven't been finding what they seek in their teachers.
Issue: New Year 2017
Topic(s): Academic programs , Faculty & academic deans
Department: Perspective
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The impact of seminary on the spiritual lives of students

The ATS Graduating Student Questionnaire shines light on whether students found their time at seminary to be effective in their spiritual formation.
Issue: New Year 2017
Topic(s): Academic programs , News and Trends
Department: From data to decision
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