New Year 2014

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The right change at the right time

Rick Bliese, president of the In Trust Center for Theological Schools, reflects on the challenges seminary leaders face and how the In Trust Center aims to help those charged with leading seminaries into the future.
Issue: New Year 2014
Department: From the president
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Spiritual formation for everyday life

The president of Logos Evangelical Seminary writes that spiritual formation should shine a bright light on our words, deeds, and thoughts.
Issue: New Year 2014
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Life in the spirit
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Bridging the training gap

CrossWay Community Church is partnering with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to give seminarians on-the-ground experience.
Issue: New Year 2014
Topic(s): Enrollment / student recruiting
Department: Viewpoint
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The budget is a beast

To tame the dragon, you’ve got to downsize beloved programs.
Issue: New Year 2014
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional)
Department: Interview
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You’ve decided to join forces. What’s next?

A good start is important, but a strong finish is too.
Issue: New Year 2014
Topic(s): Mergers / alliances / partnerships
Department: Update
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Seminary left you ill-prepared? Of course it did

A review of 'Straining at the Oars: Case Studies in Pastoral Leadership' by H. Dana Fearson III with Gordon S. Mikoski.
Issue: New Year 2014
Department: Books
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