Autumn 2011

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Boards and the freedom of purpose

In Trust president Christa R. Klein writes that above and beyond the fiscal and educational challenges facing seminary leaders are the assaults on the spirit that undermine hope.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Department: Wing on wing
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Remember the beginning

Contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe sees importance in recalling and honoring how things get started.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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Can a seminary practice tithing, too?

The new Bible Seminary in Katy, Texas, is exploring the possibility of giving away a tenth of its income.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Department: Perspective
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Learn the basics, starting with what not to do

A review of The Relentlessly Practical Guide to Raising Serious Money by David Landsdowne, and Asking by Jerold Panas.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Topic(s): Fundraising
Department: Books
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New seminary, big vision, generous heart
In Texas, a new residential seminary is born

An interview with Brian Crouse, a member of the board of directors of the new Bible Seminary in Katy, Texas.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Department: Interview
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Smartphone apps

A direct ramp to theological education for an always-online generation.
Issue: Autumn 2011
Topic(s): Technology
Department: Technology
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