Auburn Seminary's Center for the Study of Theological Education is the only research institute in North America focusing specifically and comprehensively on theological education. Established in 1991, the center just published a new report, Signs of the Times: Present and Future Theological Faculty, by Auburn Seminary's president Barbara G. Wheeler, Sharon L. Miller, and Franciscan Sister Katarina Schuth. The new publication presents a variety of useful (if not startling) information about theological faculties and graduate students who will soon be part of those faculties.

The Auburn Center has produced ten studies, but this is the first to revisit a previous topic a decade later. The center's first reports on theological faculties (in 1993) exploded some myths, notably the one about teachers in theological schools being dry academics uninvolved in the life of the church. It is still true that most faculty members are involved in local congregations, but other realities have shifted over the last 10 years.

Article from: Spring 2005

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