What are resources?


The Resource Consultants at the In Trust Center help you find the best resources to meet your unique needs and address your specific challenges.

What are resources?

Resources are organizations, specialist consultants, websites, articles, assessment tools, books, peer institutions, webinars, and colleagues. At the most basic, a resource is any outside element that, when added to your internal assets, helps you achieve your mission.

Why contact the In Trust Center for resources?

The staff of the In Trust Center understands theological education and will take the time to listen (as you describe your issues and challenges) and ask critical questions (about your needs). The In Trust Center’s Resource Consultants invest time with you to discover an array of appropriate resources, helping you to stay focused on your vital work. And the In Trust Center’s Resource Consultants stay connected with you over the long run, helping you to evaluate both your own work and the resources themselves.

Learning from peers

Resource Consultants are often are asked about best practices, or about how other theological schools are addressing particular issues. While there is much to learn from peer institutions and colleagues, the In Trust Center generally uses the language of “wise” rather than “best” practices. Like you, we know that each institution is unique, and each opportunity or challenge must be approached individually. That’s why resources and wise practices that work in one situation may not be appropriate for another.

At the In Trust Center, we help theological school leaders to think more clearly about their own situation and about the best resources available for particular circumstances. We encourage schools to experience the fruitful intersection of outside resources and internal ingenuity.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact the In Trust Center at 302-654-7770 or resources@intrust.org.