Our learning model

The goal of Resource Consulting: strengthening the In Trust Center’s member schools and supporting them as they work to advance their own mission.

Our model

Resource Consulting is based on a well-established learning model of institutional change: Sustained and effective organizational learning comes when an institution augments its own assets and creativity with appropriate external resources. Combining internal assets with external resources like knowledge, tools, and talent empowers leaders to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

What are the assets that an institution brings to the table? Every school has them in abundance: the leadership team, faculty, and staff. The school’s theological and institutional traditions. The particular context of the institution, including its financial resources, whether great or small. And of course its board and constituents.

On the other hand, outside resources include expert consultants, assessment tools, websites, peer institutions, and other resource organizations.

Resource Consulting asserts that effective, sustained learning within healthy institutions requires that a school’s leaders be engaged in self-learning as they bring in a pivotal juxtaposition — an excellent resource that engages and augments the institution’s assets.

A nonspecialist approach 

The In Trust Center’s Resource Consultants engage in dialogue, listen, and help our members identify their unique issues and concerns. Above all, they avoid the pitfalls of providing what is not wanted, providing too much of what is needed, or prescribing solutions that do not fit the needs of the member school.

Reversal of initiative

The In Trust Center invites member schools to pursue the issues that they themselves have identified — the challenges and opportunities that mean the most to them. With Resource Consultants walking along side, seminary leaders themselves initiate the work they need to do and take responsibility for their own learning. Resource Consultants do not independently identify the issues that a school should address. Instead, Resource Consultants are responsive to inquiries, attentive with a listening ear, and ready to suggest possible resources.

The In Trust Center respects the ability of our members to define their own needs, and we resist the attempt to solve a member school’s problem. We believe that a school’s internal assets and its commitment to its mission are the primary drivers of effectiveness.  

What to do next

Interested in speaking to a Resource Consultant or finding out more about this service?

Contact the In Trust Center at 302-654-7770 or resources@intrust.org