Resource Consulting

Strengthening and supporting your school as you work to advance your mission.

The In Trust Center for Theological Schools is committed to supporting our member schools while they focus on achieving their mission. One way we provide individualized support is through Resource Consulting.

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What is Resource Consulting?

Resource Consulting is based on a well-established learning model of institutional change: Sustained and effective organizational learning comes when an institution augments its own assets and creativity with appropriate external resources. Combining internal assets with external resources like knowledge, tools, and talent empowers leaders to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Resource Consultants provide only what you want and need. We connect you with the best resources, then walk along side as you define challenges, discern directions, and initiate solutions.

Resource Consultants and member schools form a partnership as they discuss, research, learn, and reflect together on using the best resources. As theological schools employ various resources, they share their results with the Resource Consultant, who may, in turn, forward some of these to other institutions that are facing the same challenges. The result is a true community of learning.


Learning communities


The In Trust Center connects our member schools to experts in key areas of theological education through its webinar series. Click here for a list of upcoming webinars and recorded webinars to view on demand.

About webinars

A webinar is a live, interactive presentation, using both audio and video, that you can view either at your own computer or in a conference room with fellow administrators and board members. In Trust Center webinars feature carefully selected content that is delivered by experts in various fields — for example, fundraising, governance, and leadership. Each In Trust Center webinar lasts exactly one hour, which includes time for questions. Other participants don’t see your name or any identifying information about you.

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Online resources

The staff of the In Trust center is eager to share what we learn through our work with our member schools. Our online resources, including Engaging Resources and our other resource guides, offer wise practices suggested by specialists in the field of theological education.

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