Spring 2012

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Nothing is lost in God’s love

Careful planning may be derailed by unexpected events, but it's still valuable, says contributing editor Melinda R. Heppe.
Issue: Spring 2012
Topic(s): Spiritual life
Department: Spirit matters
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The third horizon

A concise playbook offers a common vocabulary for discussing transformation.
Issue: Spring 2012
Topic(s): Strategic planning
Department: Books
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A ripple effect

Fostering skills in seminary governance can strengthen the whole church.
Issue: Spring 2012
Topic(s): Denominational & church relationships , Governance wise practices
Department: Perspective
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Basic financial vocabulary for board members

A glossary compiled and edited by In Trust's Governance Mentors.
Issue: Spring 2012
Topic(s): Financial health (institutional)
Department: Tool box
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Seven steps to a well-crafted board agenda

Great agendas can prompt great meetings that educate, encourage, and empower board members.
Issue: Spring 2012
Topic(s): Governance wise practices
Department: Viewpoint
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