Too much mail

I have months of unread magazines on my coffee table, and my e-mail inbox is full of messages from organizations I really believe in. It's just that I don't have time to read everything they send.

Sound familiar? So how often does your school send out its communications to donors and friends?

Over at Contributions, an online magazine, consultant Jeff McLinden has been contemplating how often is too often. And he says we've all been asking the wrong question.

McLinden takes another tack. Donors take interest in projects they believe in, he says. "If people are interested enough to invest in projects, programs, or personnel, then they are naturally interested in what's happening as a result of their investments."

The most important question is not how often, but whether your communication is worth reading. And what's worth reading? If I can see clearly how my donation is making a difference at the school, and if I can see clearly that the school is making a difference in the church and in the world, then I'm going to read all about it.

So perhaps it's time to stop asking how many times per year you should be communicating with your donors. Instead, be sure your appeal letter shares your vision with honesty and enthusiasm. Be sure your magazine shows donors exactly how their partnership is bearing fruit, and that your newsletter invites readers to take a part in what God is doing at your institution.

Read the whole article in Contributions here

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