Accreditation for institutions of higher education is a multifaceted and often confusing process. For governing boards in particular, it can be challenging to learn the ins and outs of accreditation and what the role of the board is in that process.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has recently published a resource to address this challenge: "A Board Member’s Guide to Accreditation: The Basics, the Issues, and the Challenges."

Topics discussed include accreditation organizations, board involvement with the accreditation process, the role of government in accreditation, and challenges to accreditation in the ever-changing educational landscape. CHEA also provides a list of additional resources for those who want to read more.

Board members may find this guide useful if they are trying to familiarize themselves with their own responsibilities in their institutions’ accrediting process.

CHEA offers this resource as a PDF for free. You may download the guide from the CHEA website.  

What areas of accreditation are you most interested in learning more about? After you’ve checked out CHEA’s guide, let us know if it helped clarify any of your questions.

Image credit: CHEA