The In Trust Center recently presented a webinar on governance strategies for difficult times.

Consultant Barbara Wheeler and Daniel Aleshire, executive director of the Association of Theological Schools, co-presented the webinar. Together, they discussed the unstable environment in many theological schools and the economic hardships they face.

Wheeler and Aleshire then shared some best practices and areas of improvement that can lead to institutional stability: setting terms and term limits for board members, evaluating and orienting boards, selecting board members with the appropriate skill sets, and attracting new members of different cultures and ages. Wheeler stressed the importance of engaged governance, balancing support of the president with prioritizing the institutional mission.

This webinar offers intriguing insights for everyone involved in institutional governance who wants to strengthen the stability of their schools.

To view the webinar yourself, visit here

For more governance resources, see In Trust articles “Two Patterns of Good Governance” and “Effective Leadership for Theological Schools.” Wheeler's study “Governance That Works: Effective Leadership for Theological Schools,” which she co-wrote with Helen Ouellette and which was published in the Auburn Studies series, is also available online.