Central Baptist Theological Seminary president Molly T. Marshall was interviewed for the cover story of a recent issue of The Christian Century. The interview, by David Heim, addresses Marshall’s opinions and experiences as president.  


When Marshall first became president of Central in 2004, the school was facing a number of challenges, including declining enrollment and revenue. But since then, the seminary has become financially stable, and enrollment is growing. Marshall had to make some tough calls to get to this point.


Among Marshall’s pearls of wisdom is that when it comes to financial problems, seminary leaders must be honest and open about their situation, facing their issues head on with creativity and intention.


Topics of importance to Marshall include ethnic and gender inclusivity. Central Baptist Theological Seminary is in partnership with Korean American students and students from Myanmar, and as such, Marshall argues, “cultural competency is required.” Marshall also says that while the number of women in ministry has grown, there is still much room for improvement, especially for women of color.


Marshall also addresses the role of the millennial generation in the church. She argues that the younger generation’s "insistent questioning of the received tradition sharpens and strengthens the articulation of the heart of Christianity.” Finally, she discusses the role of the seminary president in fundraising and what makes donors want to invest in an institution.


To read further, see the full interview here.


We’d like to know your thoughts on Marshall’s interview. What ideas addressed reflect issues at your own institution? 


Image Credit: "Brickwork" by Greg Lobinski