The hardest thing is admitting what you don’t know. Tell It Like It Is: Truisms of Fundraising, by T. Christian Rollins, is a slim volume that delivers answers for building your institution's fundraising capacity.

Shooting straight from the hip, Rollins offers advice that will set new development staff on the right path for successful fundraising, but also challenge the assumptions of seasoned development professionals. In a world of fundraising tomes replete with jargon and copious technical details, Tell It Like It Is focuses on the basic tenets of philanthropy written in a direct, conversational style.

Focusing on volunteer-based programs, this resource covers a myriad of development topics and dispenses hard-earned advice. From embracing clear, concise language to recognizing the power of giving, Tell It Like It Is is a useful primer for navigating the complicated world of nonprofit organizations. The brief chapters on building strong relations with board and leadership are particularly helpful.

The real gift is time. Time. Not money. Time. Money follows time. Give me time, and I’ll raise money. Money follows leadership.  Give me the gift of time from strong volunteer leadership, and I’ll raise a lot of money.

Brimming with passion, enthusiasm, and humor, Tell It Like It Is is sure to inspire fundraisers and spark conversations.

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