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What happened to seminary enrollment?

Here’s the executive summary:
Enrollment across the Association of Theological Schools is slightly down. The population of North America is way up. And this sounds like trouble.

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Requiem for the bookstore

This month, the Cokesbury bookstore at Lancaster Theological Seminary
 closed its doors for good. In fact, this wasn't the seminary's decision -- all the Cokesbury stores are closing, if they haven't already done so. As someone who deeply appreciates what goes into building and managing a finely curated collection of books -- a difficult task when the best of your collection regularly walks out the door, never to be seen until you re-order -- hearing that another store has closed grieves me.

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Does your development director want to quit?

Fundraising jobs can be hard to fill.
Staff in this area often turn over at a high rate, and chief executives frequently express frustration at a lack of growth in fundraising.

Chaos in development staffing is highlighted by a recent study by CompassPoint, which says that half of development directors expect to leave their current jobs in two years or less and a quarter of CEOs fired their last development director. But the problem may lie with the CEO or the board, not the development officer.

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What? No grad degree in enrollment management?

The field of enrollment management -- which includes admissions and financial aid -- has traditionally been led and staffed by generalists. But new graduate programs in enrollment management are emerging to help newbies and senior leaders alike cope with the increasing sophistication of this field.

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Strategic planning essentials for people with no time to waste

In Trust webinar on strategic planning

How do you allocate scarce resources to achieve your mission? How can you develop competencies to meet new market opportunities? How do you plan based on strategic assessments and insights and not just wishful thinking?

On February 22, In Trust Governance Mentors Robert Landrebe and Randy Thomann will tackle these tough questions and more during a webinar on "Three Strategic Planning Essentials for People with No Time to Waste."

This webinar is designed especially for presidents and board leaders, who can take part either together (gathered around a single computer) or separately (each participant online at home). The presenters are Robert Landrebe and Randy Thomann, both of whom have served as executive vice presidents of large institutions.

For more information, visit

A primer on benchmarking salaries

Do you know whether your institution's salaries are commensurate with those at peer institutions?

Blue Avocado has published a short primer on salary analysis. Read the article here.

Sample salary range chartEven though the article is short, it's wide-ranging. It starts by explaining how to chart salary ranges within an organization or institution. Next, the article shows how to add benchmark salaries to the existing salary ranges. Finally, it shows two ways to analyze individual salaries.

In order to compare your school to peer institutions, read the newly released 2010-11 data tables from the Association of Theological Schools. Section 3 includes aggregate information about compensation from member schools.

The data tables are an invaluable resource for theological education. Smart boards will become familiar with them and use them to get the hard facts about their own institution's place within the world of theological education.

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