Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan 

Our Mission: To strengthen theological schools by connecting their leaders to essential resources for mission vitality.

Our Values: Excellence · Service · Trust

Our Vision: To be a center for change and renewal in theological education. We will demonstrate that we are:

  • A critical partner and leader in theological education.
  • A major innovative and coordinating organization.
  • A collaborator on transformative initiatives.

Overarching strategic intent 

Our strategy ensures: 

  • We fulfill our mission, live our values, and drive toward our vision.
  • We honor promises to our funders.
  • We achieve our ongoing commitments, address current and future needs of theological schools, and prepare for known and potential threats.
  • We have defined plans to execute our strategic objectives, monitor for progress and adapt as needed.
  • We use wise and innovative practices that are representative of a learning community.
  • We continue to be financially sustainable and fiscally responsible.

Strategic objectives

Six strategic areas of focus and their defined priorities were established in 2018 to support the core of the In Trust Center Strategic Plan.

The core of our plan: The In Trust Center Experience

  • The In Trust Center Experience is what we create when engaging with members, peers, funders, and those who connect with us as we seek to fulfill our mission, live our values, and commit to our vision. We will be
  • Responsive
  • Thorough
  • Knowledgeable
  • Collaborative
  • Relationship-driven
  • We will create a culture of generosity, inclusivity, and hospitality. 

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