Strategic planning

To create the future, selectively abandon the past If you want clarity about which programs to build and which to jettison, find three boxes and start sorting

For a practical exercise in building for your theological school’s future, begin by assessing your programs and then start sorting.

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The issue now is strategy, not governance  

The day of the ‘heroic president’ is over, says Robert E. Cooley in an interview with retiring In Trust president Christa R. Klein. These days, the president’s role is to work with the board, faculty, and administration to form a pluralistic leadership team — one that can quickly adapt to an uncertain future.

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Is strategic planning a waste of time?

No, it's essential. And here's how to get started. Also, at the end of this article, an interview with Robert E. Cooley on the board's essential role in planning.

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Academic priorities
Boards tackle academic planning

In Trust spoke to four schools to explore how their boards were involved in the academic planning that was part of institutional self-study: Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Carey Theological College, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and Covenant Theological Seminary.

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