Shared governance

Recorded webinar: 
The priority of governance in really tough times
Recorded on May 4, 2016 (60 minutes)

Presenter Barbara Wheeler will:

--Review the major financial and enrollment challenges that threaten the strength and even survival of many theological schools
--Report findings of the governance study about the fitness of boards and other governors to meet those challenges
--Outline concrete steps that chief executives and governors can take to strengthen their relationship and their schools.

Daniel Aleshire, Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools will provide a response and commentary.

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Road block or fast track?
Recorded on February 18, 2014 (60 minutes)

Rebekah Basinger and Paul Dovre explore the topic of shared governance.

Good communication and group participation sound good, but can shared governance get in the way? How can true shared governance be an asset in times of rapid change? How does it work when a quick decision is needed? Who is getting it right and how it can work better at your school?

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Our goal: To clarify "shared governance" by the next board meeting

Last spring, the board chair at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary created a special task force to examine the governance roles of the board, the administration, and the faculty.

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Defining shared governance

Multnomah University has adopted a statement that maps out the responsibilities and accountability relationships in the school's shared governance structure.

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Navigating successfully in an atmosphere of overlapping outside authorities requires boards and administrations to exercise special dexterity.

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When the board is not the final word
When bishops and other church leaders collaborate with theological school boards, the relationships can be fruitful -- and challenging

At some seminaries and theological schools, bishops or other church authorities -- not boards -- exercise final authority. That arrangement offers some benefits, but there are also potential problems. 

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The road best traveled
Mapping the board's journey toward shared governance

To be successful, shared governance requires commitment, patience, and a genuine openness to change.

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A clearer view
A provost envisions a new way to navigate shared governance

The provost of Messiah College shares a color-coded governance diagram that explains how to get a new program approved by all the school's governance entities

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The standard in academic governance

Shared governance doesn't mean a standoff among competing factions—it's a way for the board, president, and faculty to use their distinct roles, listen to others, and make decisions that work.

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Board governance can be accountable, creative, and cooperative

Three ways of understanding the board's work.

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