Board orientation: Include the right ingredients

Recorded September 13, 2016 (60 minutes)

What's on the agenda for your new board member orientation this year?

Join presenters Rebekah Basinger and William Myers as they focus on the development of a rich orientation process including the roles and responsibilities of a board member. This webinar is ideal for new board members, presidents, administrators, and board members tasked with the orientation process, and existing board members interested in deepening their role.

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Explorers in a foreign land
When MBAs join a nonprofit board

A review of Joining a Nonprofit Board: What You Need to Know by Marc J. Epstein and F. Warren McFarlan. Plus: an interview with co-author Marc J. Epstein.

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Teach the governance you want

Orienting new board members about the“governance triad.”

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Sixty minutes, 34 questions

Philip Love, the board chair of Central Baptist Theological Seminary reviews How to Make Your Board Dramatically More Effective, Starting Today by Gayle L. Gifford.

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True north
Orientation is the key for keeping a board on the right course 

Board members really do need to know everything about a school. That means they need orientation — continuing education for old and new board members alike.

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Welcome to the board room

Starting new members off right means putting some thought into the orientation process. Also, a sample service of installation for board members.

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Fully on board
The importance of clearly stated expectations

A formal statement of expectations can help ground newcomers and veterans in your school's mission.

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Creating a hospitable board culture

Some straightforward suggestions can help a board move beyond power struggles toward cohesiveness.

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