Board evaluation

Board orientation: Laying a strong foundation  

Recorded September 16, 2015 (60 minutes)

Is board orientation on your agenda this year?

Join presenters Rebekah Basinger and William Myers as they focus on the development of a rich orientation process including the roles and responsibilities of a board member. This webinar is ideal for new board members, presidents, administrators, and board members tasked with the orientation process, and existing board members interested in deepening their role.


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Two patterns of good governance
Some seminaries are doing governance well. What sets them apart?

Part 2 of an excerpt from Governance That Works: Effective Leadership for Theological Schools, a new Auburn Study on theological school governance.

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Effective leadership for theological schools
Research on seminary board governance reveals a mixed record

Theological school boards have adopted many sound practices in recent years, but they may be unduly confident about the effectiveness of their governance.

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Into a mirror brightly

Self-assessment assures that a board is functioning well and fulfilling its mission.

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The board's responsibility for self-assessment, part I

Rebekah Burch Basinger, In Trust's former director of program development, parses the ATS standard requiring boards to hold themselves accountable for their own performance. 

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The board's responsibility for self-assessment, part II

Boards that evaluate their own performance can expect real benefits that will help both board and school.

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