Board chairs

President and board chair relationship
Understanding and developing this critical relationship

Rebekah Birch Basinger and Dr. Paul J. Dovre discuss the importance of the president and board chair relationship. What are the characteristics of a thriving relationship? What is a model for building and sustaining effective communication between the president and board chair? What are the contours of their shared work and the boundaries that should be respected? Is there a template agenda to which the president and board chair should attend?

These questions and more will be answered during this one hour webinar.

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Board members may subtly be sabotaging their president's efforts, even if they're not trying.

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If board members are beset by groupthink, how can the chair strengthen them without stirring up opposition just for the sake of argument?

Moving into a hopeful future, shoulder to shoulder

President Molly T. Marshall and board chair Philip R. Love, both of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, explain how they work together for the good of their theological school.

Board chairs at the hub

In Trust president Christa R. Klein writes about an In Trust gathering of theological school board chairs.

Great agendas can prompt great meetings that educate, encourage, and empower board members.

Serving well pastorally
A grateful president reflects on the blessing of a board chair with a pastoral perspective

Leah Gaskin Fitchue, president of Payne Theological Seminary, reflects on the blessing of a board chair with a pastoral perspective.

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