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Wise Stewards

"Wise Stewards: The Roles and Responsibilities of Boards in Theological Education," outlines the essential components of governance in theological schools. It addresses board members in various settings -- governing boards of freestanding seminaries, advisory groups that oversee university-related theological schools, and boards assisting church authorities. 

"Wise Stewards" is designed for board education. To this end, discussion questions are provided after each of the six essentials -- questions that can be revised to fit any institution's unique circumstances.

"Wise Stewards" is available in English and Spanish. 

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The Board's Responsibility for Evaluating the President

When done right, presidential evaluation strengthens the partnership between board and president and sets the stage for enhanced performance. 

By giving attention to the five principles detailed in this guide, boards can approach presidential evaluation with confidence and competence, and presidents can approach it with serenity.

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A Guide to Developing Your Board Handbook

Written for the In Trust Center's member schools by experienced consultant Tracy Schier, A Guide to Developing Your Board Handbook describes the nine sections essential to your own custom board handbook.






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