■ Resources for your board: Books from BoardSource
The In Trust Center’s Resource Consultants often recommend books from BoardSource, a membership organization that educates nonprofit board members about their roles. Materials mentioned in the blog post include Better Bylaws, The Nonprofit Board Answer Book, and Financial Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards.

■ Disengaged and problem board members
If your board includes members who aren’t contributing as they should, it may be time to find out why they’re disengaged — or to move them off the board into a different role. 

■  #CharlestonSyllabus: A list of resources 
Recent events in Charleston, South Carolina, and Ferguson, Missouri, have shed light on the problem of racism in American culture. News organizations and educators have responded with lists of resources that can help foster meaningful discussions on this difficult but important topic.

 ■ The Strategic Information Report: What you need to know
One of the most important resources that the Association of Theological Schools provides to its member seminaries is the Strategic Information Report (SIR), which compares an individual seminary’s strategic data to similar information from peer schools. The SIR has recently been revised to make it even more useful and appropriate for boards and administrators alike.

■ He lost his faith, so he quit his seminary teaching post
A professor at a North American seminary recently left his job after losing his Christian faith. What makes this story unusual is that the faculty member, Brandon G. Withrow, went quietly, without being dismissed, after he decided that he could no longer teach at the seminary in good conscience.

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