The In Trust Center offers webinars on topics like board orientation, strategic planning, and shared governance, with content and discussion tailored to the theological school community.

You may have participated in a webinar in the past, but have you considered engaging colleagues to learn with you? If you have a conference area set up to access the web, you can invite others to watch the webinar with you at no extra cost. That’s what they did at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) when 24 administrators, faculty members, and staff from the seminary and its parent university gathered to enjoy lunch and view the In Trust Center’s recent webinar “Social Media and Institutional Conflict.”

After the webinar, In Trust followed up with President Byron Klaus and Professor Deborah Gill to ask about their experience.

Q. Why did you choose to invite a group to participate in this webinar?

Byron Klaus: AGTS has participated in a number of the In Trust Center webinars and has found them a great source of information, stimulating further discussions among staff. Webinars offer a great chance to get together and find a common source of information for discussion and strategizing.

Q. What did you achieve by viewing it together in one place?

Byron Klaus: It’s a great way to bring players together. Bringing both seminary staff and university staff together for this webinar allowed for all to meet together in a neutral context.

Deborah Gill: It gave us the opportunity to dialogue about the “vote” we cast when being polled during the webinar. And by viewing together, we drew from the information in order to apply it in other meetings—especially departmental, academic affairs, cabinet, and faculty meetings.

Q. Would you consider doing it again?

Byron Klaus: Webinars from the In Trust Center are always well conceived and provide great information. We will continue to participate in these. We see them as a great relationship builder with the university personnel.

Deborah Gill: I’m sure we’ll extend a seminary-wide invitation to an In Trust Center webinar again—and I won’t miss it!

Visit www.intrust.org/engagingwebinars for more information on getting the most out of a webinar. Visit www.intrust.org/webinars to view archived webinars.

Interested in learning ways to use webinars at your school, or want to share how you’ve used a webinar with colleagues? Contact Amy Kardash at 302-654-7770 or akardash@intrust.org.

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